Trip to the Tranquility | Ishikawa, Japan

Hello, my beautiful friends. How have you been doing? I hope you are well wherever you are. A couple of weeks ago, I came up with this idea that I wanted to fly, fly away from this busy city and breathe. Tokyo is an exciting and very energetic city yet sometimes it does soak up my energy (especially me coming from quite a chilled out little town away from the busy city). I needed tranquility. So I randomly decided to have a short trip to Kanazawa, Ishikawa. It is not something I would do often, non the less, never ever spontaneously book a flight to visit places. Despite the fact that it was a very short trip, I had a great time there with less human and more nature and more space. Luckily, I have a old friend there who very kindly spent time with me and showed me around the beauty of Ishikawa. I always feel very lucky when I have someone in local to welcome me when I travel to a new country or places. I was only there for two days but I felt like I experienced the most of it, yet, it was certainly not enough.



En route …


21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

“Be careful, grandpa!”

IMG_9938 IMG_9936 IMG_9934 IMG_9893IMG_9920IMG_9869IMG_9889

Me, hanging/drowning.

IMG_9885IMG_9882 IMG_9877


The best seafood 

IMG_9929IMG_9927 IMG_9923 IMG_9919

Basashi for the first time… I was terrified!

IMG_9917 IMG_9913


That moment when I cut off the conversation with my friends and went out to take sunset photos.


Beach (Chiri-hama:千里浜)

IMG_9952-2IMG_9954 IMG_9966 IMG_9960IMG_9947

IMG_9944-2IMG_9934-2 Butterfly shells on the beach


Time for coffee…

@ Curio Coffee

IMG_9977 IMG_9978 IMG_9985 IMG_9984 IMG_9982 IMG_9972 IMG_9998 IMG_9997 IMG_9996 IMG_9993 IMG_9989 IMG_9949


Stop at Kenrokuenn (兼六園)

IMG_0062IMG_0059 IMG_0058 IMG_0025 IMG_0016This fountain is a natural fountain that the height of the water changes everyday. How cool is that!


Time to go back to reality…


Kanazawa is the capital of Ishikawa, which is located in the central area of Japan along the coast side. It is only an hour away from Tokyo by airplane. An hour of flight felt like 10 minutes to me, honestly. Not knowing what they offer before the visit, had I experienced one of the most tranquil atmosphere and one of the best seafood I had in Japan. In addition, it was definitely less touristy, less crowded and less industrialized in a way than Kyoto or Nara where many tourists would, for sure, visit.

After I landed in Kanazawa and spent a few hours there, the two things I noticed immediately were how tranquil and minimalistic the city was. Maybe it was because I was there on weekdays not weekends when everywhere in Japan gets more busier. It seems like, to me, that the city itself has its own character or style that attracts many people. Quite arty and clean, if I try to give some of my impressions. Overall the city and the people seemed quite chilled out which was exactly where I wanted to take myself to.

Now, we cannot finish this blog post without mentioning the most delicious seafood. It was magical. Growing up in Japan, I had always thought I knew what good seafood was. Honestly, I was fascinated by the food I had that night. My friend took me to his favorite little Japanese restaurant and ordered some of his favorites. The seafood they served there was unbelievably fresh, straight out from the ocean I felt like, and I thought I would melt because of its magical taste. If you are traveling to Ishikawa, I recommend you to try their seafood. An addition to their complimentary food culture, sake is also very beautifully made there. I do not usually drink, but I had a sip of my friend’s sake and it tasted like fruits juice, almost like white wine with very fruity aftertaste. The texture was very gentle and creamy. I was surprised that I could drink it since I never ever drink sake. That I learned “you’ll never know until you try.”

Other than that, the 21st Centery Museum of Contemporary Art was one of the most “clean” designed museum that I had ever seen. Probably it is the benefit of the large spacious land that Ishikawa offers but I really enjoyed art and experienced creative mind of state.

If you are from Japan, I would recommend to go there one time in your life time. If you are from another country thinking about traveling to Japan, I highly recommend to put it on to your list in addition to your must-visit-places such as Tokyo and Kyoto. You may be able to see and experience more “authentic” Japan.

I hope you did not get bored or tired reading my long blog post so I should wrap it up here but I hope you enjoyed reading my experience in Ishikawa and some (a lot) of the pictures I shared with you. If you have are still reading this, you are actually amazing and thank you so so much.

If you have places in Japan you recommend me to visit, please tell me about it in the comment! Also, that would be lovely if you could let me know how you thought about this kind of travel post 🙂

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my blog. It truly means a lot to me.

See you next time…

Love, Mayumi

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