When It Was Still Summer

When it was still summer… a couple of weeks ago.

I went back to my hometown the other week for kind of a family emergency. Confused by the season of just in between summer and fall, I tried to put comfortably and seasonally appropriate outfits. The opposite of Tokyo, my hometown is covered in green (for the most part). For some odd reasons, whenever I go back, I prefer to wear more colorful clothes just like I try to be the flowers in the green, whilst in Tokyo, I wear more mono-toned pieces. Doesn’t it feel like we all are a chameleon? When I go somewhere, I unconsciously try to wear pieces that kind of matches the vibe of the city I am at. Have you experienced something like this?

It was a quick stay for like a week but I get to see some family and close friends which was all I needed. Here are some photos of two of my outfits I wore, and some lovely restaurants I went.



View from a bullet train, Tokyo to Osaka.


Visited Kobe to see my friend.


img_0456-2img_0467 img_0498 img_0499 img_0500 img_0505 img_0520 img_0521

-What I wore-

Tops: GAP

White Jeans: ZARA

Sandals: Birkenstock Summer Limited Edition with Glitters

Necklace with yellow gem: Mejuri

Evil Eye ring: Mejuri

Nail polish on my toes: Essie in All Hands on Deck

Beaded Bracelet: Mae Movement

Sunglasses: Rayban

I usually do not wear white pants because I have to be always careful not to spill coffee, but when I wear it, I really enjoy the look. White pieces, dress or pants, are special and classy that I wish I wore more. My Birkenstock is from their summer collection with glitter material. They are my first pair of Birkenstock. To be honest, it took me a few times to get used to these shoes but once they are broken in, they are the most comfortable thing ever. I highly recommend them.




Delicious and beautiful lunch I had with my Mother at our local restaurant.

img_0532 img_0534 img_0536 img_0538 img_0542 img_0549 img_0550 img_0554 img_0555 img_0560 img_0561

-What I wore-

Dress: Topshop

Shoes: Adidas Classics Stan Smith

Purse: Burberry

Sunglasses: Victor & Wolf

I really love the cut of this dress. The length and the fit is perfect for my body shape. I got this dress a few years back but I still love it a lot. The “out there” flower print makes me happy and bright when I wear it. Since this print is unique and it is a statement dress itself, it is not something I would wear every two weeks but this dress is something I can own longer time in my closet. This kind of statement item is a must-have in my closet just for the pop or colors and also for when I need to wear something different. It is just like a red lipstick in my makeup collection, if you know what I mean.



This tree is one of the biggest trees in my area and in Japan. It is a spiritual place where I can feel the energy of the nature. And it also reminds me of the Big Tree in Columbia, Missouri where I studied abroad a few years back. I almost feel like the root of them are connected!


After I had lunch with my mother, my friend and I went to have afternoon tea at this amazing place in Osaka. It came with a huge piece of cake, scones, and some cute little sandwiches. I had a classic black tea with a fancy name which I forgot, and my friend got some royal milk tea.

img_0600 img_0603 img_0604




This last photo, I took it literally at my house. I looked up and there were many stars shining. I wish my camera technique was better to capture this beautiful moment. I don’t get to see them in Tokyo with all the artificial lights so every time I go back, I love looking up the sky and see stars and breathe in the fresh air with the smell of trees.


Working full time takes up a lot of energy from me that I sometimes need to and try to prioritize my fundamental needs to relax and “think about nothing but chill” time just to clear my head and start again. This short visit to home was very calming and made me feel relieved to know that I have home.

I hope you get to enjoy some photos.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this post. It means a lot to me. I know I haven’t posted regularly but I will try my best to keep my blog alive at least.

Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what you think.




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