Kaffe Kaffe Kaffe…

Hello, everyone. On this blog post, it is all about … coffee.

Kaffe kaffe kaffe… If you are not a fan of coffee, I am sorry but there are some very cute photos I took in Norway so at least you get to enjoy them.

Whilst I was in Norway,  there were some coffee shops I wanted to go. I usually find coffee shops on Instagram and I stalk their feed for a while and then I decide to visit. Or I randomly find one when I am walking down the street and I stop by if it interests me, and if I am desperate for coffee (most of the time).  I get to go to four coffee shops in Norway this time. I put their Instagram link in case you want to check them out! They are all lovely coffee shops so go follow them 😉


Mocca Oslo 

My friends and I met up for coffee and we decided to go to Mocca. It was a perfect space to go with friends or for a quick coffee. The atmosphere was just between “To go, please” and “We’ll have another coffee.”

My kaffe latte on the front was not looking at its best but it tasted really good. Sometimes we are busy taking pictures for Instagram and Tumblr and forget to taste it at its best timing but this adorably artistic latte made me sip it right away after I took just one picture. Barista there was so sweet and bright. I hope I get to visit them again next time I go to Norway.



One of the thing I look for in a coffee shop is the atmosphere. It has to be somewhat dark, but not too dark. It has to be somewhat quiet, but not too quiet. It has to be the place where time goes slow yet productive.

I go to Fuglen in Tokyo all the time with my friends, or by myself. They are getting quite popular so I avoid the crowded time but whenever I go there, I stay for at least 2-3 hours to read books or work on my projects with my laptop.

Fuglen Oslo has pretty much the exact same atmosphere to the one in Tokyo but somewhat more… Norwegian, hence where it is.

I love listening to Norwegian. It’s not that I am deeply listening to what they are talking about but I like the sound of it. It is very calming and quiet. I am almost glad that I don’t understand it because I can just listen to it like a back ground music.

I felt like I could stay there forever.

Barratt Kaffebar 

This was one of those coffee shops that I randomly found on the street. My hotel was very close to the Royal Palace and on my last day in Oslo, a few hours before my flight, I was exploring the area to get a last good cup of coffee in Norway (since the coffee at the hotel was bad). Then I found this little shop with big glass window. I am so glad that it caught my eyes. My coffee intuition was right.

There is a church attached to this coffee shop and I saw some young kids come and go. This made me miss the church I went in the U.S.. Having coffee with friend in the morning before the service was a tradition.

I love when something new connects with my personal memory.


Last but not least, Professo coffee, I have to say this is my favourite one out of all the ones I went.

I found them on Instagram while ago and had been wanted to go there someday. When I decided to go to Norway, one of the first things I asked my friend was to take me to Professo. Luckily, they are located in Hamar where my friends live so I got to visit them.

When I was purchasing some coffee beans, this man talked to me saying “this is a good one.”

We started chatting and found out that he was a owner of this coffee shop! What a privilege to meet him. I was quiet excited. He took a picture of me and his coffee beans and posted on their Instagram!

This is the link to the picture on their Instagram if you are interested to see 🙂  https://www.instagram.com/p/BOwtdBKAAsd/?taken-by=professocoffee

They have a select shop attached to the coffee shop and the selection was absolutely right up my alley. Their shop is a perfect size and has a perfect lighting, the sun shining from the window. You can hear the barista making coffee and people chat.

This place was on point from every perspective. I loved it so much. If I lived in Hamar, I am 100% sure I would be there “regular.” If you have a chance to go to Norway, or if you are in the area, you should definitely check them out.

That was all the coffee shops I went in Norway. I went to a few other cafes but as far as coffee goes, that was it. The last two pictures are from a very cute chocolate shop in Lillehammer. I thought I’d include photos because it is adorable. I hope you enjoyed my kaffe experience in Norway. I cannot wait to go back to Norway for another coffee shop surfing.

If you live in Norway and have recommendations, please tell me your favourite ones!

In February, I will do a blog post about coffee shops in Tokyo, so if you are interested, stay tuned.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my blog. It really means a lot to me.

Tusen takk! Hade bra!



    • Thank you Michelle 🙂 I hope I can keep up with posting. Wish me luck! For sure. If you get to visit Norway, you should definitely check them out!

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