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Hello, everyone 🙂 Long time no see. I was away from my blog but I am back. I hope you are excited as much as I am.

At the end of 2016, right after the Christmas day, I headed to Norway for my holiday, and of course, most importantly to see my friends. December of 2016 was hectic and I had both good and bad luck.

Some bad things happened was…

-I still had 25 days left of 2016 before leaving for Norway.

-I fell from the stairs and sprained my ankle very badly (WHY NOW).

-I was on crutches for like two weeks.

-8 Days before my flight date, I realised my passport needed to be updated.

Some good things happened was…

– I got 12 days of holiday.

-I was almost done with the year 2016.

-My sprained ankle healed just before my trip.

-My passport situation was solved very positively (THANK GOD).


I hope that explained well. If you want to hear the full story, we can laugh about my hectic December over a cup of coffee!

After I was all done with the errands to run, I made it to the airport. I was filled with excitement and relief to finally be flying to the place I love and to see the people I adore. The power of excitement is phenomenal. I only slept for 2 hours the night before I left, but I was just so happy and couldn’t stop smiling. That sounds kind of creepy but I hope you know what I mean.

As I arrived at the Oslo Airport, my friends were kindly there to pick me up. I almost felt like I was welcomed by parents as I saw them. We drove back from Oslo to Lillehammer.



I was feeling so peaceful, safe and calm on the snow. I couldn’t have been happier.

Norway is blessed with beautiful nature. I am so thankful that I got to see their beauty with my eyes. They truly made my heart warm.

Nature and Food 

It was one of the most beautiful sunset I had ever seen in my life. The words cannot explain how I felt.

I am very lucky to have friends who I could stay with. I got to see more of Norway than I could ever imagined, and that I could never see if I just visited “go-to” places. All my mouth could say in front of the beautiful nature is literally and unfortunately “Oh my goodness, it is so beautiful…”

I felt my soul was so happy. I left my heart in the forest in Norway and I am unable to locate it back in Japan. My friend said she kindly found it when she was doing cross country so she hanged my heart on the tree! I have to go back to find it.

Seeing moose is one heck of a lucky thing. Norway surprises me.

What you eat is who you are. Food is delicious, energetic, happy and beautiful. I was very excited to have breakfast with my friends and my friends’ family just like 2 years ago. Tusen takk!

God bless, Norsk ost (Norwegian cheese) and poleg.

Hamar, Godt Nytt År

This was perfect. 2016 was tough on me but the best was yet to come. I had the best last few days of 2016 with my friends, and I got to celebrate the very first moment of 2017 with them. Feeling happy felt good.

My (technically sister) friend Riko and I cooked and decorated for New Years dinner party. Riko is very good at cooking and baking, whilst I am good at tasting. Preparing for the new years party with my best friend was the best way to spend the last day of 2016. I have to say, it was a LOT  of fun.

We went to Mjøsa lake to see the fireworks and celebrate the moment. My happiness level was just high up there at this point. Didn’t care how cold it was, I was just appreciative of the moment with my friends.

Photo credit to my friend Thorstein 😉



I stayed in Oslo only for a couple of days but I had a lot of fun. I basically took Riko to all the places I really wanted to go, for shopping and to visit coffee shops. Tusen tusen takk Riko!

I also got to see a friend from university. It has been a several years but it was great to catch up with my friend. He took me to this really good burger place but I can’t remember the name! I ordered the dish called “Happy Salmon” as I felt it was appropriate to describe my feeling at that time. If you are in Oslo, I highly recommend!

12 days were not enough (2 days on the plane). I was not ready to leave Norway, and I was very sad to leave. I am totally cheating on America but I have to say, I am in love with Norway. You know that feeling when it feels right. That’s exactly how I felt. To be honest, I wasn’t desperately sad like last time because I knew I would come back here again. My last night in Oslo, I prayed to the sky that my flight would be canceled, and it actually did. (Un)fortunately, I got another flight so I went back.

From start to end, this holiday was perfectly and beautifully spent. Even the plane ride was surprisingly fun with the encounter of new friends. Also, I cannot thank enough for my friends Riko, Thorstein and their family. Tusen tusen takk for having me!

I hope 2017 would be the year I find myself a place where it makes me happy, and feel lively.

I wish you a Godt Nytt År to all of you.

Tusen takk for reading. Hade bra!


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    • Tusen tusen takk Mari <3 I was very happy to see you and your family again. Thank you for having me and welcoming me like a family. I hope to see you again soon 🙂

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