Hello Mt. Fuji

Hi everyone. On this blog post, I am sharing my holiday experience by the Mt. Fuji a few months ago. I postponed this blog post truly because I had a tremendous amount of photos I took to choose from and to edit. But here it is!

In November 2016, I took my mother for a little weekend trip to Mt. Fuji  for her birthday (but did not include climbing!). We were there for 2 nights. We stayed at a traditional Japanese hotel called ryokan just by Kawaguchi-ko (Lake Kawaguchi). We were blessed to have beautiful weather whilst we were there and we could see the beautiful lake from our hotel.

Mt. Fuji and the lake

Our Ryokan (Japanese style hotel)

This was the welcoming drink.

There is a huge window at the entrance/lobby and as soon as you entered to the hotel, this gorgeous view welcomes the guests.

Mountain weather changes in a second. Our second morning, it was very foggy but by the time we finished breakfast, it was all clear and beautiful. Nature offers so much without us asking for anything.

I would have shared all the course menu we had but there are just so many pictures and I do not want to make you hungry 😉

Autumn Leaves



This place is called Oshino-Hakkai (忍野八海). It is a spring that is about 5m deep and you can see through 3m. It was so beautiful with the reflection of the sky. The little sparkles you see deep down in the photos are coins people threw into, which is not allowed now but it looks like stars. It is a fantastic place but be aware of loads of tourist… I was holding my camera so tight not to be pushed and drop my baby camera.

The Fuji 

It was the perfect season. First, because it was autumn and leaves were chancing colors to beautiful rich red and yellow color; gold color, as I prefer to say. Second, it was not too cold to walk around the area and enjoy exploring without freezing. Honestly, I really enjoyed so much walking around  and seeing the gorgeous view. I really liked that the air was so fresh and around the lake was spacious enough for everyone to breathe in fresh air and feel the nature especially early in the morning.

One of the things my mother was the most excited on this little birthday trip was the dinner at the ryokan. I searched a lot of places and chose the one where the food seemed great. We had two dinners and it was absolutely an amazing experience. Each dish was cooked in detail and very delicately. We enjoyed not only the food but the arty dish and beautiful China they used.

Tips & Recommendation 

I would highly recommend the place where I stayed. It is called Rakuyu. You can see the review here. Also, Rakuyu is right by the kachi-kachi mountain where you can see the most perfect Mt. Fuji view from the top. Another huge recommendation is the special transportation. If you are traveling from Tokyo, I highly recommend taking the Fuji Railway Kawaguchi-ko express train. The two pictures above are inside the train. The interior is all made of wood and the warm lighting is just perfect to create the atmosphere. It was the most beautiful train I had ever been in. Last but not least, there are two location you can choose from when visiting Fuji. Yamanaka-ko and Kawaguchi-ko. We stayed around the Kawaguchi-ko because we decided that the beautiful lake view would be so nice to wake up with. There are much more to do around Kawaguchi-ko than around Yamanaka-ko. However, if you are outdoor person and wouldn’t mind hiking a lot and maybe if you have a car, you may more enjoy staying close to Yamanaka-ko. It is a famous spot to take Mt. Fuji pictures, too!

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my blog. I hope you enjoyed it. Please share it with your friends and family who may want to go visit Japan!

See you on Monday 😉



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