Winter in Holzweiler

Hello beautiful people. On this blog post, I will talk about my favourite clothing brand at the moment.

Holzweiler is a Norwegian clothing brand that started in 2012. They started with their iconic scarves which you can see photos of me wearing as you read this blog post. I, first, found this brand through Cornelia Grimsmo, who is a Norwegian YouTuber. She mentioned a dress from Holzweiler in her What I Pack When I Travel video and I really liked the style of it, so I took a look at the brand.

I soon fell in love with their style. Very fortunately, I had a plan to go to Norway at the end of last year 2016 so I purchased some of their clothes whilst I was there. I can say that I was very excited to finally get my hands on their pieces!


First scarves:Fresia Check – Plutonia

Second scarves: Fresia Check – Delight

Sweater (Knit): Trude Sweater in Kiwi

The one I am wearing is in Kiwi but it seemed like they were sold out on their website. So I put the link of the same design in different color in Denim Blue which is also a very beautiful color.


I am absolutely in love with the scarves and the knit. I love the exquisite colors they use on their pieces. Especially the green knit is right up my alley. The quality of their pieces is amazing. It can sound a little expensive, especially if you are not from Norway and the currency gap is quite big (for me too), but investing in good pieces that can last longer seems quite valuable to me. Honestly, I have been wearing the knit nonstop since I got it. I probably wore it 2 or 3 times a week! I just love to be in Holzweiler. Their style is classic, minimalistic, and unique. I can say that I love every piece from Holzweiler.

I am so happy that I got two different scarves. I wear both of them quite often, switching them depending on the style I wear. It gets pretty cold here in Japan sometime so I love to wear scarves that keeps me warm. Although, it is not as cold as it was in Norway for sure. With that being said, I cannot wait to get my hands on their spring and spring collection 2017. I have been spying on their spring / summer collection 2017 page and I am so excited. It seems like I have to go back to Norway soon.
But for now, for the sake of my Holzweiler scarves and knit, I wish the winter lasted as long as possible.
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