A Day In Yokohama


I recently visited a place called Yokohama that is located just an hour away from Tokyo by train. Yokohama is a very beautiful and chill area, especially during the weekdays. (It gets pretty busy on weekends!) It is quite far from where I live so I don’t visit there often but I got to spend a day there with my friend this time. Yokohama is a port town and there are so much to do there. You can stroll down little shopping streets, chill at the sea side, sit down at cute cafes, or enjoy the scenery. My friend and I met up for lunch and then we decided to walk around bit, a few seconds later we found this really cute chocolate shop called Vanilla Beans Cafe. They have many kinds of single origin chocolates as well as unique flavored chocolates. I highly recommend it if you ever visit Yokohama. Red brick architecture is one of the most popular spot to visit in Yokohama. I absolutely love walking around there and taking photos of old brick architecture as you see in the pictures above. It is also a perfect OOTD (outfit of the day) spot if you ask me. Then we went to ice skating which was so much fun. Not many people know but I used to figure skate and I absolutely enjoy it a lot. After that my friend invited me for a nice spa so we had a relaxing time there. I feel like we ate so much in a day but all it mattered was that we had fun and shared laughters.

Spending the day with my friend and “just have fun” was exactly what I needed. Sometimes we are caught up in a busy situation and forget to enjoy the moment that’s in front of us. I encourage you to treat yourself with a quality time either by yourself or with your clothes friends, especially when you are so so busy. Whatever brings joy and happiness to you, matters. Do not hesitant to prioritise your happiness and health.

Also, here’s a slightly exciting news I’ve got for you! I vlogged my day this day and the vlog is coming up this Sunday, so stay tuned for that! I hope you are excited as much as I do.

Thank you so much for reading and I will see you next time.


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