Traveling Solo & The Best Coffee Ever


Hello my friends. It is great to see you again here 🙂 After my spontaneous trip to Hokkaido a few weeks back, I was inspired to share my thoughts on “traveling solo.”

My mother still wouldn’t believe me when I say “I’m going to Norway for New Years” or “I’m traveling this weekend.” I used to be so shy when I was little (and I still am but) to the point where I cried at anyone I saw that my mother would never think I’d ever be able to travel solo. My comfort zone was the size of a sesame seed when I was little.

The perks of traveling solo is that there is no scheduled activity nor restriction, well of course unless you book a tour or some sort…. but you know what I mean. I suddenly decide to hop into a coffee shop, I suddenly decide to walk around the park, I suddenly decide to head back to my cozy hotel and relax for the rest of the night. Oh, and I missed a plane! All things work: YOU have to make it work. Another huge benefit of traveling is that you can learn about yourself so much, discover some new things about yourself and find great things that are around you. Family trip is fun, traveling with your squad is spectacular, but traveling solo is one special experience.

Traveling solo connects people around the world. When I visited Hokkaido, Japan, I got to meet up with a friend, from New Caledonia, who we knew each other on Instagram for a while. She has beautiful pictures of Hokkaido and her daily life there. It was an amazing experience to get to meet a new friend. I am always interested to collaborate or just chat about things with people who have similar interests or passion, there are so many things I don’t know about. Not just take a chance, I’d say, grab it. I try to grab any chance and opportunities that arise in front of me to learn more about the world and people.

Her Instagram >>

The only downside of traveling solo is that when something really funny happens or something great, you can’t share that moment or emotions with significant others. But that, we all can share the moment on social media nowadays so I don’t think it would be a big issue. Some of my friends say, “I don’t want to travel solo!” or “I can’t. That would be so lonely.” But if you haven’t, I highly recommend you travel solo at least once in your life. It really enriches your life by giving you some new perspectives of things, of people, or where you are.

“Do you know any good coffee shops around here?”

Asking this question to a barista is the smartest thing to do because they know. I visited Baristart Coffee in Sapporo. I had the best cafe latte I have ever had in my life. They use special and rare milk that you can only get in Hokkaido. It was so good that I ordered another one. Get a flight to go there because it’s worth it.

Their website >>


I hope I could inspire you to travel solo and give you some new perspectives on traveling. If you are traveling now, I wish you the best of luck and hope you spend the most wonderful time.

Thank you so much for reading. See you next time.


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