Tokyo Coffee Festival Fall 2017

Hello, my friends. I hope your day is going very well. If not, you have to know that the worst day that could happen to you is “hot coffee all over your bag, your makeup bag, headphones, and wallet,” which, actually, unfortunately, happened to me the other night on my trip. (You know after that accident my hotel room smelt like coffee all day, probably forever.)

Anyways, back to blogging, not rambling. Today, I would like to talk about the Tokyo Coffee Festival, which is now of my favourite events to go to. It is held twice a year in Tokyo. It started in 2015 by my friend/ a barista, Yuji Otsuki, which is actually the year that I moved to Tokyo. Many coffee roasters, coffee shops from Japan and from all over the world participate.

-What is it all about-

Whether you are a coffee drinker or not, you can enjoy learning about coffee, tasting coffee, and interacting with people. It really has a uplifting atmosphere with great and passionate people. It all started to give people a place to get to know more about where a cup of coffee is from, how it’s made and who makes it. But the core value is to enjoy coffee and have fun.*

-How it works-

When you go to the TCF (Tokyo Coffee Festival), you have a few choice.

1.You can get a tasting ticket which you can try 4 different coffee in a tiny cup from any coffee shops you want at the event.

2. You can buy a cup of coffee or two from any coffee shops without purchasing the tasting ticket.

3. Drink no coffee. (If you are not a coffee drinker, don’t you worry! You’ll have the best chai tea ever by Prana Chai (in Japanese), (in English).

I always do the option 1 since I can try 4 different coffee AND get a really cute mug. They sell out quickly so I recommend to get it earlier in the day. But often, there is a life long line, especially for the roasters that don’t have shops and they just show up for events like this. So I sometimes just get one good coffee and enjoy the atmosphere rather than being in line for 1 hour, caffein-less.

-The perks-

The best thing about TCF is that you can really enjoy being there, and meet people who may potentially have similar interests as you or passionate about coffee. And most of it all, you can have coffee as much as you want.

Day time, night time, at home, outside, alone, with somebody, coffee is one of the best comforting items to have in our daily life. Its sprit is really to make yourself relax and enjoy life. A good sip of coffee can make your day 100 times better. If you are in Tokyo or visiting Tokyo, I recommend to visit the next TCF. I will for sure be there, as a side note. Also, if you get a bit too caffeinated and need a little break, the last three pictures are some food places I highly recommend and they are all in the Omotesando area where the event is held. Lounge 1908 is a newly opened cafe/restaurant. Not only their food but their coffee AND gelato is really truly delicious and I guarantee you’ll be wowed ( ).  8ablish is my favorite vegan restaurant. Their food is amazing, and very arty on your eyes ( ). By the time you are reading this you can probably tell that I do like coffee. I hope you get to know about TCF a little bit more and get excited for the next TCF.


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I will see you in my next blog post.



The words with * are quoted and translated from the original Japanese sentence on TCF website ( ).











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