Welcome to my website. I am Mayumi. I was born in Osaka, Japan. Spent some time in the U.S. and some other countries. Now I am located in Tokyo, Japan, working, living, exploring, learning, wondering, and wandering.

I created my very first personal blog back in 2013 to talk about what I loved or what I thought to interact with people around the world. Have never been a good writer (I am still learning) but have been quite a rambler. The positive energy of sharing passion with people around the world is enormous. Beauty tips, fashion, traveling, lifestyle, coffee shops, there are many things I love to write about. I am still trying to figure out which topics I would enjoy writing the most and I would be better at talking. And I hope someday to proudly say I am a *blank* blogger.

Here is the place I express my passion, and so should you.

I strongly hope that my website would be a place where people get inspiration from, share passion, find friends, learn and become happy. My goal in life is to inspire someone like the way other inspirational people do to me.

It’s only a start … Journey has just started